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Computer Consulting needs high sped internet

Just about everyone in Costa Rica has a computer and internet connection nowadays. And the internet speeds are quite good. ICE informed me recently that now the fiber optic cable is active that anyone in town or close to the cable can order 10 Meg/Sec internet service if they should Choose. The price is about $100 / month. I wanted this incredible speed but alas I am just over 2 kilometers away and so they limit my speeds to 2 Meg even though the actual reality is I should be able to receive up to 6 meg at my home office. Many people now have 4 meg in town and are very happy.

Computer Consultants work from home in Arenal

I know several expats who make good livings as online language instructors, and university professors who are able to conduct class remotely while living here in this jungle paradise. I myself work as an interment marketing consultant and am very happy that I do not have to get dressed in the morning before entering my office to go to work. I have no carpool lanes, parking fees, dress codes, hours of operation, company rules to live by any longer. I do not have to conform to the restrictions of a restrictive society that insists we all look and act the same in order to be accepted and not trod upon by an over bearing government.

Music of the sun god

Often I wake at an early hour before dawn, tread quietly into my office, scan my news feeds and emails, and await the music of the first light of day, the birds and crickets, dogs and chickens as they awake and greet the sun god. My music is nature’s song. Man’s music is shit. (Oh why do I spoil such lovely prose with negativity? because it is so true that the music produced by the music industry is pure garbage but most people have no clue and fill their empty heads with bad vibes from radio, videos, music discs and so on. I do not allow music in my house unless I select and supervise because it is so easy for the sounds of pain and hatred and stupidness to enter my realm). I love the sounds of nature that is the true music and the only music needed. But those who live in cities and have only car engines, honking, screaming sirens, barking dogs, gun shots as their background sounds know not the joy of the true symphony.

You thought I was going to tell you who the computer consultants in arenal are. You thought you would find help fixing your computer problems. You thought that i would ease the pain of your inability to understand how the damn computer works! I can tell you this about computer consulting help in Arenal, it is available, and it is variable. Now it depends what your problems are. Most problems are computer user ignorance and for this there is little help from the consultant other then to do your job for you. You must read the manual. Well nowadays the computers are without books, you must go online and download the guide or do a google search for the question you have and READ THE DAMN ANSWER. It is so simple really, the main problems with computers today, is user ignorance.

The next problem we find with computer issues is the ignorant computer user trusting an almost ignorant friend who is going to solve their computer problem for them. The computer owner turns their loved (well often hated ) appliance over to their trusted friend who goes about trying to solve the problem and 9 times out of 10 we hear this “Sorry but your hard drive is damaged and must be reformatted” revealing the true nature of an almost computer idiot who has ruined any chance of an easy solution by mucking about where they do not belong.

Having worked with computer systems my entire life I can assure you that uneducated computer users are the biggest problem with computers today. And the same reason why I no longer offer computer consulting services to anyone who has not read the manual nor has the vocabulary nor loves their computer. Oh and they must be using their computer in a successful profitable business. Or else how are they going to pay my consulting fee?

There are a number of hard working competent computer techs in town that can be of service should you find yourself unable to read the manual or solve your problem on your own. If you should ever find yourself in need drop me an email and I will send you the contact info of someone who may be of assistance.


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  1. Mountain Man, how are you? Dan from Colorado asking a question. Can I purchase and pay for a USB wireless stick and a years service in advance so I can give renters Internet from any service in town..? Also, do they make them so they can run a wireless router? Hope your hot girl is treating you well!, see you soon. Thanks, Dan

    • dan

      sure you can setup a kolbi wifi account with ICE and have BNCR auto pay for you. There is a device you can buy, install the stick, and it then broadcasts a wifi signal into your house. I have setup several of these in town already. My hot girls are hotter then ever!

  2. i messed up my network settings, and i am in need of installing an additional drive. Who can I trust in nuevo arenal. i hear there is one guy not to be trusted.

    • In nuevo arenal there are a handful of competent computer technicians. Brian carter, Jeff Tinsler and Oliver come to mind. Only Oliver works on Macs but all three work on windows. Jeff is a linux guru.

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