Costa Rica Wives

Many men come to Costa Rica because they have heard that Costa Rica women make great wives. I have interviewed many men married to Costa Rican women and have to agree for the most part that this is true. Costa Rican women love to keep your house clean and spotless. Most girls from Costa Rica are very affectionate and love to make love. As long as you never leave the side of your costa rican wife you know she will remain faithful.

The one complaint I have with the Costa Rica wives is in the kitchen. I am a man who cares not for food, as long as the food I eat is properly prepared. In fact I only eat because, damn it, I get hungry. If it were not for this annoying hunger believe me I would avoid eating all together. So when I want to eat spagetti with meatballs I usually cook the meal myself to assure that things are done right. The other day I had a girl from Costa Rica visiting and she offered to cook spagetti. I was outside with other friends drinking and carrying on as men will do when a beautiful women is slaving away in the kitchen. After awhile I visited the girl in the kitchen to see how the meal was coming along. Well she was just starting to make the sauce: she was cutting up onions and tomatoes and the iron skillet was not even over a flame yet ! But the main error of her ways was that she had already finished cooking the noodles and they were sitting in their hot water on the side of the stove. I said nothing at the moment about the wasted noodles but turned on the stove to heat the skillet and directed her to start with the sauce.

About 30 minutes later I returned to the kitchen, picked up the pan with the soggy noodles, and went outside to provide the dogs with some scraps from the kitchen. I instructed the Costa Rican girl friend to make new pasta just as soon as the sauce was done. She was upset with me because she had no clue about cooking.

I would like to hear from you men out there who have a costa rican wife or girl friend. Please tell me your experiences good and bad so I can add them to this blog entry. Lets help save the world, one marriage at a time.


Costa Rica Wives — 2 Comments

  1. I have had a few Costa Rican girl friends over the years and I must say they have some very fine qualities. Stunningly beautiful. Horny and hot in bed. Always dressed to the nines. But they get jealous if I talk to pretty girl, even if it just to pay for the purchases at a cash register. And I have yet to meet one who knows how to cook properly. So what you need are two girls, one who takes care of your sexual needs, and the other who takes care of your diet.

  2. Latinas are a completely different animal than their “Gringa” counterparts. With my first American wife, all I got from her was “I want, I want….give me…you need to …more money…” that kind of crap.
    Nothing beats a good Tica girlfriend who becomes your wife. You treat her right and you have found Heaven on Earth. What I get from her is “Mi Amor, I love you. What can I get you?” This, by the way, was the first English I taught her to speak. Incredibly jealous, fiercely loyal and always “willing and able,” she puts a smile on my face even after 10 years together. I just wish I met her 20 years ago and had kids with her…

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