Restaurants, bars, horse rides, kayaking, hiking, biking, loving – it’s all here on Lake Arenal in Costa Rica. We love the mild weather with warm sunny days and wet nights year round. Lake Arenal has abundant restaurants, bars and daytime activities to keep even the adrenaline junkies happy.

I prefer to eat and drink in the afternoon and lately have been visiting Maverick’s Restaurant on the main road about 5 kilometers west of Nuevo Arenal. I love the fish. Excellent. There is no other restaurant that I know of that can do fish better then Tom and Scott over at Maverick’s. Other people swear by the meat, saying its the best they have ever eaten. So next time you are hungry for a great meal to to Mavericks.

lake arenal kayaks

Enjoying kayaks on Lake Arenal

Meanwhile out on the lake we find kayaks and wakeboards as well as kiteboarding and windsurfing. I sit upon the shore and watch the bikinis while filming the sporters.

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