Land Rovers

I have a classic English Land Rover for sale. This is a 1970 model, assembled in Costa Rica, this model has the old style transmission where first and second gears are stronger but they have no syncro so shifting is tricky. The gasoline engine is completely rebuilt with all new parts costing me over $2500. I have not put on more then 4000 miles since then. This car is ideal for the rough and rocky mountain roads found around lake arenal in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Land Rover Lover

This is one of my classic Land Rovers in Costa Rica.

I have owned this Land Rover since 1997. I have gone thru the chassis, suspension, steering and some other work, bringing the vehicle back into good shape. She still needs a new coat of paint, the biggest investment left to make to turn this classic Land Rover into a show car to be proud of.

There is no rust on the major framing as we have already removed and replaced the rotten steel components. The springs are relatively new, the steering box is new.

I replaced the clutch and the master and slave clutch cylinders. The transmission has been overhauled recently as well.

As you know the Land Rover body work is almost all Aluminum so it does not rust. The aluminum work on this Land Rover is solid. This car needs restoration and paint but you can run it now just fine.

This Classic Land Rover is not current on road taxes. The responsibility to bring the vehicle into legal conformity will be the buyers. The Land Rover is offered as is.

This is a strong and reliable classic 4WD land rover. I used this vehicle to go to town for groceries and to visit my friends who live in the area.

If you are interested in discussing Classic Land Rovers, drop me a line. I Love to talk about these old English Land Rovers!

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