More Gringos in Arenal

Everyday I go to town I see many new faces. Mostly expats and old farts come to retire and live out their final years in the cool mountain air of the Lake Arenal, Costa Rica area. While the rest of the world is experiencing economic hardships here in Arenal builders and property developers appear to be successful. All these new people in town have to sleep some where so it must be that more homes are being built and land sold to accommodate these folks.

Now I think its great that Nuevo Arenal has new found friends and neighbors and hope only that the quality of our lives improves as more folks decide to live here. You know we used to measure our town by the number of bars and super markets but perhaps we need to measure it by some new metric, perhaps the arrival of some fast food chain type store or a movie theater.

Sure we have yoga and pilates classes but hell we have five different churches too. And since these are all nothing but social events anyway, we need some other way to measure the success of our community. We can’t just go around and ask people if they are happy, because the unwritten rule here is to always answer, “Estoy mui bien, gracias” to any question of our health and mental happiness. That is, that even when we feel miserable and perhaps hateful of the world around us we lie and say, “life is perfect.”


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