Vanity Destroys Sexuality

In what appears to be true karma, we discover that Propecia, the drug sold to vain men who think their hair is failing them, causing widespread sexual problems. From premature ejaculation, to low sperm count to the dreaded erectile dysfunction, Propecia curses men who only hoped to attract pretty women to their bedroom, to failure in bed. But then I guess its no mystery that the same pharmaceutical company also provides viagra! Thank goodness i have never tried any hair growth remedies other then acceptance.

Toad Hall Arenal Costa Rica

Toad Hall on lake Arenal in La Union just 10 minutes east of Nuevo Arenal is now open again and has been greatly expanded and upgraded. The place looks awesome with new areas for eating great food and expanded shopping for its name to fame: cultural costa rican art. There are rooms to rent and times to be had at the New Toad Hall.

This past saturday was a grand opening party that was a great hit in the community. Unfortunately due to the tarsal surgery I was unable to attend but my friends tell me the food booze and talk with divine.

Next time you are traveling on the La Fortuna to Tilaran road, make sure and save time for Toad Hall as you will probably find it to the highlight of your stops on Lake Arenal.

Bot Fly Costa Rica

It started as a small red dot similar to that left by a mosquito bite. There was no pain or itch for the first few weeks but the red dot got bigger and underneath the skin a hard lump grew larger. Intense itching started and blood and puss would seep from the wound which would remain closed to my old eyes for the most part. At one point I squeezed a massive amount of puss from the wound and figured I had killed the damn thing and was resigned to let my body absorb and delete the remains of the worm which is still growing inside my flesh.

This is a torsalo or bot fly maggot similar to the one in my body.

This is a torsalo or bot fly maggot similar to the one in my body.

This morning I was woken at 1am by the most excruciating pain and my sheets where bloodied from the wound. I finally got around to reading about these bot flies, known also as torsalos here in Costa Rica. What I wanted to know more then anything was how long these damn parasites needed to live inside my body before they hatched into the fly that starts the cycle. 8 weeks. Fuck. It has already been about 6 weeks and if the pain last night was any indication of the next two weeks I am going to need a lot of opium to keep my sane.

Perhaps I will try one of the many removal tricks I read about. Lay a piece of meat over the breathing hole and when the breathing tube enters the meat grab it with tweezers and pull real hard because the body is much wider then the narrow tube. Be sure not to rip the tube off the body or you will have problems with infections, they all say. Of course you can just let the worm complete its cycle and pop out on its own and the only risk is terrible pain.